Modern Minimalist Kitchen Set & Living Room Interior

Modern minimalist Kitchen Set Malang & living room Interior – House at the moment especially homes that are in the housing, the average has limited land, so most people will be trying to find inspiration for the interior design modern minimalist spaces, one for the living room. The living room is the most important room in the House because it has always been the first sight and that is where we used to receive guests who visit our homes. This makes we shouldn’t carelessly in the medisain living room.


Modern minimalist living room Interior.
The selection of furniture and decoration must always look for minimalist living room models to avoid a simple design. To create a minimalist living room design interior modern furniture that is selected should not be indiscriminate. Enough with one or two small furniture (in addition to tables and chairs or sofas) that minimalist like shelves for souvenirs that are placed at the corner of the shelf space or bertingakat which contains trophies or medals are arranged neatly. The greatest efforts for the interior living-room minimalism modern is to try to minimize the amount of furniture and fixtures are used.


Color selection on the wall should also be heeded. Neutral colors is highly recommended for interior living-room minimalism modern. However, you can make an exception for a couch or table. Likewise for the color of the ceiling and the floor. Both can be combined with either. For the curtain at the window, should be rolled in such a way so as to occupy less space. If you don’t want to use all kinds of curtains, you can create a colored window for more privacy. In addition, to create the airy living room,you need to create a window that is a bit bare and allows plenty of sunlight to take a peek and make sure it is well ventilated.


modern minimalist living room Interior


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But basically, to associate the minimalist style can be done by selecting a classy colors like white, black and gray as well. But it does not always have the shades that make us happy. A splash of bold colors like red, orange and green also can also be an option. Diluting the classy white space with pale gray makes a living area not only gives the impression of a minimalist but also have the impression that classy, elegant and modern as well.


The best color choice is a neutral white, black, Brown and gray also with hints of bold red, green and blue as well. These colors can appear in decorative elements such as vases, carpets, lamps, artwork, window and also ornamental plants. You can also opt for furniture with bold colors. The combination of bright colors will help visuallyreduce large living room. You can experiment with the use of a maximum of 3 different colors in interior design living room.
The table used for a minimalist living room interior design also should not be indiscriminate. You can use a simple coffee table that has a model that is not too high. But it is more advisable to use furniture with clean silhouettes and geometric shapes to keep up with the overall style. For example, a round coffee table with rectangular and square-shaped floor lamps. The simple geometric shapes and contrast with the color of the accent is also an important element of interior decoration for modern minimalist living room.


Efforts are being made to decorate the living room minimalistic really useful in terms of providing the living room with the amount of energy that is clean and pure unlimited and it will also make you very easily to clean the living room. Minimalist living room models will provide a place of pure energy-thus generating positive energy.

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