Benefits Of Banana For Health To Beauty Skin

In addition to fruits, bananas can also enter into Your daily menu as a complementbauhbuahan. Because of the banana fruit is one of the fruits that have a myriad ofbenefits and benefits for our bodies. Nice addition to your health, you can also usebanana as one of skin care to make it more beautiful and healthy.


There are lots of various types of bananas are scattered in various parts ofIndonesia. But in General, the benefits and efficacy of banana fruit almost the same.You find the banana fruit is ripe for immediate consumption directly or made into juice. Here are some benefits you can get bananas.
Can improve brain health
Banana fruit can increase brain power and concentration of capture by means of consumption are routinely and regularly three times a day as a dessert.


Can be used to tackle diseases of stomach and intestine
Banana fruit mengandungan of vitamin C that can be useful as inflammatory defense. Do I simply grab a banana after that mix with fresh milk as an herb to treat intestinal diseases. In addition, a high fiber content on this fruit can maintain and restore the health of the intestine.


To launch the blood circulation
In addition to vitamin C, fruit of the banana also mengandungan of potassium andpotassium that serves to help the circulation of the body, so that the circulation of oxygen to the brain to be smooth. Potassium can also help launch heart rate, reduces the risk of the occurrence of stroke and regulates blood pressure in order to be normal.


You can consume two fruit banana mixed with a spoonful of honey to increase appetite.


Pisan fruit can be used as a source of energy
If a sense of weary and tired of attack due to a long day of work, then the banana fruit can be a solution. The content of the sugar contained in fruit bananas can be easily digested and converted into a source of energy.


To help cope with diabetes
For diabetics, can use the typical banana Gorontalo (North Sulawesi) GORoho steamed then mixed with grated coconut young as a menu extra food for diabetics.


To grow a weight loss program
For those of you who run a diet program can add a menu of bananas to help lose weight. by eating banana and 4 pieces of 4 glasses of milk a non fat or can with fresh milk every day at least 3 days a week, will help lose weight. Only 1250 calories and this menu is fit and healthy enough.


Can help heal Burns
To overcome mild Burns, you can use one part of the plant. Do I take the ashes from the banana leaves then add with coconut oil. After that apply on the affected skin burns.


Can treat mosquito bites scars
The trick is pretty easy, just take a little part in the banana peels then apply on skin bentolan the former was bitten by mosquitoes. The trusted way can reduce itchingand Red mosquito bite scars.


Resolve anemia
Bananas contain high iron so it‘s great for people with anemia. Sufficient consumption of two bananas per day on a regular basis and regularly.


Can help reduce menstrual pain
Banana fruit jua mengandungan Vitamin B6 are high enough so that it can help reduce sugar levels in the blood that can ruin the mood and caused painful menstruation.


Besides being good for health, banana is also great for daily skin care. Among them is to soften the skin, lifting the skin cells are dead, and mencerahkannya. You can create a mask of bananas and several other natural ingredients like avocado, olive oil or strawberry. Good luck!

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