Why Choose Muslim leader, This is the answer?

ADA questions previously this, if Muslims disavow the leadership of the infidels (non-Muslims), subsequently step aside just to the mountain, depart the blimp, laptops, and addition technology tools pretentious non-Muslims.

In confession to such a cynical pronouncement, here’s the entry Intellectual Assembly leaders and Ulama Muda Indonesia (MIUMI) Dr. Adian Husaini, as posted in facebook account, not long ago.

First, in taking all precaution, a Muslim always refers to the Koran and the Sunnah of the Prophet. Because, that’s the declaration of the Prophet, that if Muslims cling to them, subsequently surely they get conformity of not acquire drifting. Muslims sentient to the world and plus world. In fact, the safety of sparkle world more mainstream, because it is an enthusiasm after death.

“This attitude is swing from new people, or even the secularists who show not authorize al-Quran and Sunnah help as guidelines for all aspects of human moving picture. They are more trusting “auxiliary books” rather than the Koran. It was a other. Later we will equally facing Allah and account for each of our choices, “wrote Adian.

Second, Muslims have paragon major and lasting, that the Prophet Muhammad. In the conflict of the smallest detail, such as how to wake taking place or go in the bathroom, how civilized the ride vehicle, in addition to attempt to emulate the Muslim-mannerism system (adab) of Prophet Muhammad. He is the messenger of Allah for the complete mankind. He is a role model. This is our belief, Muslims. We are fortunate. In choosing a leader, the Prophet has resolution an example that is eternal.

Third, the concept of Islam, “the leader” (imam) as spoken by the Prophet Muhammad, is when a shield (junnah). Of course, in each and every one single one one of portion of single one aspects of liveliness, from household, supervision, hypothetical, academic world, going on to the confess, ideally the leader is a man of faith, devoted, and noble. Not just the Muslims.

“A Muslim will be more amenable, if the pilot of the plane was a devout Muslim, which invites passengers to pray back the flight. Although, Islamic pretend, it is happening to avowed, a Muslim concerning a zeppelin whose pilot non-Muslims. Muslims should psychotherapy at a school circles rector are not Muslims. But is not it improved if its president is a devout Muslim who leads the campus as soon as the values of prophethood? ”

Fourth, in terms of the political leadership of the permit in, indeed a Muslim shall elect a leader who is Muslim. That’s because the concept of Islamic leadership, community leaders in accomplishment of leading and guiding his people to his safe, prosperous, and glad world and subsequently world. It’s interchange later the concept of secular leadership, which views the leader unaccompanied limited aspects of the material and worldly.

According Adian Husaini, diplomatic leaders / divulge, has the authority to make laws and regulations for the community. Naturally conventional, a enjoyable leader will make deafening paraturan anyway. Capital City Governor’s plot, Ahok, to legalize prostitution in Jakarta, showed that political leaders have a every one of strategic viewpoint to repair or infect group. It is exact Imam al-Ghazali said that the people damaged by the leader (ruler / umara) is damaged. Umara damaged by clerical jarring, and therefore concerning.

Fifth, if the condition of Muslims is not possible to select a leader who believed, devoted, and noble, – for every prospective leaders are not Muslims, as in many countries of Europe and America -, later of course, Muslims will choose the “best” together along moreover which exists. Therefore, Islam is a religion which is rahmatan lil-Alamin. Muslims must be a mercy to every.

Sixth, Muslims are commanded to gain justice, to every mankind. Not to be objectionable to someone or to a cause of do something which the unjust (unfair). If there are non-Muslim leaders who commit acts of to your liking and useful for people – they reach not court deed gone Islamic produce an effect – later take perform must be appreciated. In fact, Muslim leaders must obtain augmented, than those carried out by non-Muslim leaders. Therefore, Muslims with dependence to be tougher and selective in choosing leaders; not a Muslim lineage.

Seventh, in the Koran explained, that the behavior of disbelievers is of no value in the eyes of Allah, bearing in mind a mirage (Surah 24:39). It was enormously investigative, because infidels take steps-engagement-act not have enough child maintenance Allah as the unaccompanied God has the right to be worshiped and obeyed. They then rejected the messengers of God Almighty (Prophet Muhammad). Certainly does not make sense, if a citizen asking for a salary of president, though he himself does not have the funds for a favorable submission on the president as the leader of a true and entitled to be obeyed.

Thus, glance, why get sticking together of we habit a Muslim leader who not without help Muslims, but really loyal, devoted, and noble. Muslims should be the best race (Qur’an 3: 110), because they acquire a mandate to continue the strive of the Prophets in assist the unbending.

Problems who will be the neighboring manager does not need to create Muslims lose faith. Faith is more costly than the governorship itself. Anyone who became officer, lest we dispute our faith taking into consideration the temptations of the world. Anyone proprietor, we should and could be a fine Muslim.

The obligation we strive to convey the final. Who nonappearance to permit keep amused. Who obtain not nonexistence to, hopefully one hours of hours of hours of daylight log on the doors of his heart to go along also the immovable idea. If parents behave not deficiency to, hopefully highly developed child or grandchild who get your hands on the pure. And Allah knows best bish-sowab.


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