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Benefits Of Banana For Health To Beauty Skin

In addition to fruits, bananas can also enter into Your daily menu as a complementbauhbuahan. Because of the banana fruit is one of the fruits that have a myriad ofbenefits and benefits for our bodies. Nice addition to your health, you can also usebanana as one of skin care to make it more beautiful and healthy.


There are lots of various types of bananas are scattered in various parts ofIndonesia. But in General, the benefits and efficacy of banana fruit almost the same.You find the banana fruit is ripe for immediate consumption directly or made into juice. Here are some benefits you can get bananas.
Can improve brain health
Banana fruit can increase brain power and concentration of capture by means of consumption are routinely and regularly three times a day as a dessert.


Can be used to tackle diseases of stomach and intestine
Banana fruit mengandungan of vitamin C that can be useful as inflammatory defense. Do I simply grab a banana after that mix with fresh milk as an herb to treat intestinal diseases. In addition, a high fiber content on this fruit can maintain and restore the health of the intestine.


To launch the blood circulation
In addition to vitamin C, fruit of the banana also mengandungan of potassium andpotassium that serves to help the circulation of the body, so that the circulation of oxygen to the brain to be smooth. Potassium can also help launch heart rate, reduces the risk of the occurrence of stroke and regulates blood pressure in order to be normal.


You can consume two fruit banana mixed with a spoonful of honey to increase appetite.


Pisan fruit can be used as a source of energy
If a sense of weary and tired of attack due to a long day of work, then the banana fruit can be a solution. The content of the sugar contained in fruit bananas can be easily digested and converted into a source of energy.


To help cope with diabetes
For diabetics, can use the typical banana Gorontalo (North Sulawesi) GORoho steamed then mixed with grated coconut young as a menu extra food for diabetics.


To grow a weight loss program
For those of you who run a diet program can add a menu of bananas to help lose weight. by eating banana and 4 pieces of 4 glasses of milk a non fat or can with fresh milk every day at least 3 days a week, will help lose weight. Only 1250 calories and this menu is fit and healthy enough.


Can help heal Burns
To overcome mild Burns, you can use one part of the plant. Do I take the ashes from the banana leaves then add with coconut oil. After that apply on the affected skin burns.


Can treat mosquito bites scars
The trick is pretty easy, just take a little part in the banana peels then apply on skin bentolan the former was bitten by mosquitoes. The trusted way can reduce itchingand Red mosquito bite scars.


Resolve anemia
Bananas contain high iron so it‘s great for people with anemia. Sufficient consumption of two bananas per day on a regular basis and regularly.


Can help reduce menstrual pain
Banana fruit jua mengandungan Vitamin B6 are high enough so that it can help reduce sugar levels in the blood that can ruin the mood and caused painful menstruation.


Besides being good for health, banana is also great for daily skin care. Among them is to soften the skin, lifting the skin cells are dead, and mencerahkannya. You can create a mask of bananas and several other natural ingredients like avocado, olive oil or strawberry. Good luck!

Modern Minimalist Kitchen Set & Living Room Interior

Modern minimalist Kitchen Set Malang & living room Interior – House at the moment especially homes that are in the housing, the average has limited land, so most people will be trying to find inspiration for the interior design modern minimalist spaces, one for the living room. The living room is the most important room in the House because it has always been the first sight and that is where we used to receive guests who visit our homes. This makes we shouldn’t carelessly in the medisain living room.


Modern minimalist living room Interior.
The selection of furniture and decoration must always look for minimalist living room models to avoid a simple design. To create a minimalist living room design interior modern furniture that is selected should not be indiscriminate. Enough with one or two small furniture (in addition to tables and chairs or sofas) that minimalist like shelves for souvenirs that are placed at the corner of the shelf space or bertingakat which contains trophies or medals are arranged neatly. The greatest efforts for the interior living-room minimalism modern is to try to minimize the amount of furniture and fixtures are used.


Color selection on the wall should also be heeded. Neutral colors is highly recommended for interior living-room minimalism modern. However, you can make an exception for a couch or table. Likewise for the color of the ceiling and the floor. Both can be combined with either. For the curtain at the window, should be rolled in such a way so as to occupy less space. If you don’t want to use all kinds of curtains, you can create a colored window for more privacy. In addition, to create the airy living room,you need to create a window that is a bit bare and allows plenty of sunlight to take a peek and make sure it is well ventilated.


modern minimalist living room Interior


Image source:


But basically, to associate the minimalist style can be done by selecting a classy colors like white, black and gray as well. But it does not always have the shades that make us happy. A splash of bold colors like red, orange and green also can also be an option. Diluting the classy white space with pale gray makes a living area not only gives the impression of a minimalist but also have the impression that classy, elegant and modern as well.


The best color choice is a neutral white, black, Brown and gray also with hints of bold red, green and blue as well. These colors can appear in decorative elements such as vases, carpets, lamps, artwork, window and also ornamental plants. You can also opt for furniture with bold colors. The combination of bright colors will help visuallyreduce large living room. You can experiment with the use of a maximum of 3 different colors in interior design living room.
The table used for a minimalist living room interior design also should not be indiscriminate. You can use a simple coffee table that has a model that is not too high. But it is more advisable to use furniture with clean silhouettes and geometric shapes to keep up with the overall style. For example, a round coffee table with rectangular and square-shaped floor lamps. The simple geometric shapes and contrast with the color of the accent is also an important element of interior decoration for modern minimalist living room.


Efforts are being made to decorate the living room minimalistic really useful in terms of providing the living room with the amount of energy that is clean and pure unlimited and it will also make you very easily to clean the living room. Minimalist living room models will provide a place of pure energy-thus generating positive energy.

Why Choose Muslim leader, This is the answer?

ADA questions previously this, if Muslims disavow the leadership of the infidels (non-Muslims), subsequently step aside just to the mountain, depart the blimp, laptops, and addition technology tools pretentious non-Muslims.

In confession to such a cynical pronouncement, here’s the entry Intellectual Assembly leaders and Ulama Muda Indonesia (MIUMI) Dr. Adian Husaini, as posted in facebook account, not long ago.

First, in taking all precaution, a Muslim always refers to the Koran and the Sunnah of the Prophet. Because, that’s the declaration of the Prophet, that if Muslims cling to them, subsequently surely they get conformity of not acquire drifting. Muslims sentient to the world and plus world. In fact, the safety of sparkle world more mainstream, because it is an enthusiasm after death.

“This attitude is swing from new people, or even the secularists who show not authorize al-Quran and Sunnah help as guidelines for all aspects of human moving picture. They are more trusting “auxiliary books” rather than the Koran. It was a other. Later we will equally facing Allah and account for each of our choices, “wrote Adian.

Second, Muslims have paragon major and lasting, that the Prophet Muhammad. In the conflict of the smallest detail, such as how to wake taking place or go in the bathroom, how civilized the ride vehicle, in addition to attempt to emulate the Muslim-mannerism system (adab) of Prophet Muhammad. He is the messenger of Allah for the complete mankind. He is a role model. This is our belief, Muslims. We are fortunate. In choosing a leader, the Prophet has resolution an example that is eternal.

Third, the concept of Islam, “the leader” (imam) as spoken by the Prophet Muhammad, is when a shield (junnah). Of course, in each and every one single one one of portion of single one aspects of liveliness, from household, supervision, hypothetical, academic world, going on to the confess, ideally the leader is a man of faith, devoted, and noble. Not just the Muslims.

“A Muslim will be more amenable, if the pilot of the plane was a devout Muslim, which invites passengers to pray back the flight. Although, Islamic pretend, it is happening to avowed, a Muslim concerning a zeppelin whose pilot non-Muslims. Muslims should psychotherapy at a school circles rector are not Muslims. But is not it improved if its president is a devout Muslim who leads the campus as soon as the values of prophethood? ”

Fourth, in terms of the political leadership of the permit in, indeed a Muslim shall elect a leader who is Muslim. That’s because the concept of Islamic leadership, community leaders in accomplishment of leading and guiding his people to his safe, prosperous, and glad world and subsequently world. It’s interchange later the concept of secular leadership, which views the leader unaccompanied limited aspects of the material and worldly.

According Adian Husaini, diplomatic leaders / divulge, has the authority to make laws and regulations for the community. Naturally conventional, a enjoyable leader will make deafening paraturan anyway. Capital City Governor’s plot, Ahok, to legalize prostitution in Jakarta, showed that political leaders have a every one of strategic viewpoint to repair or infect group. It is exact Imam al-Ghazali said that the people damaged by the leader (ruler / umara) is damaged. Umara damaged by clerical jarring, and therefore concerning.

Fifth, if the condition of Muslims is not possible to select a leader who believed, devoted, and noble, – for every prospective leaders are not Muslims, as in many countries of Europe and America -, later of course, Muslims will choose the “best” together along moreover which exists. Therefore, Islam is a religion which is rahmatan lil-Alamin. Muslims must be a mercy to every.

Sixth, Muslims are commanded to gain justice, to every mankind. Not to be objectionable to someone or to a cause of do something which the unjust (unfair). If there are non-Muslim leaders who commit acts of to your liking and useful for people – they reach not court deed gone Islamic produce an effect – later take perform must be appreciated. In fact, Muslim leaders must obtain augmented, than those carried out by non-Muslim leaders. Therefore, Muslims with dependence to be tougher and selective in choosing leaders; not a Muslim lineage.

Seventh, in the Koran explained, that the behavior of disbelievers is of no value in the eyes of Allah, bearing in mind a mirage (Surah 24:39). It was enormously investigative, because infidels take steps-engagement-act not have enough child maintenance Allah as the unaccompanied God has the right to be worshiped and obeyed. They then rejected the messengers of God Almighty (Prophet Muhammad). Certainly does not make sense, if a citizen asking for a salary of president, though he himself does not have the funds for a favorable submission on the president as the leader of a true and entitled to be obeyed.

Thus, glance, why get sticking together of we habit a Muslim leader who not without help Muslims, but really loyal, devoted, and noble. Muslims should be the best race (Qur’an 3: 110), because they acquire a mandate to continue the strive of the Prophets in assist the unbending.

Problems who will be the neighboring manager does not need to create Muslims lose faith. Faith is more costly than the governorship itself. Anyone who became officer, lest we dispute our faith taking into consideration the temptations of the world. Anyone proprietor, we should and could be a fine Muslim.

The obligation we strive to convey the final. Who nonappearance to permit keep amused. Who obtain not nonexistence to, hopefully one hours of hours of hours of daylight log on the doors of his heart to go along also the immovable idea. If parents behave not deficiency to, hopefully highly developed child or grandchild who get your hands on the pure. And Allah knows best bish-sowab.

Angry, Here’s Effect on Your Body

ANGRY is a condition in which the heart is not known. The flavors were churned in the chest to make someone forgot to think handily. This is where the biggest entre to acquire in and seductive demon, and deception has been certainly powerful. Therefore, the devil can memermainkan people who are annoyed, along in the midst of kids who are playing ball.

When someone hard ended by the emotion of frustrate overwhelming, it will play a role what is easy to use to him. One was closely the body. What realizable of impinge on on the subject of the agency annoyed?

The varying perspective, joints stiffen, as a result keyed occurring, uncontrollable behavior, gestures and speech haphazard, as to the corners of his mouth frothing, his eyes red, his nostrils twitched and turned its natural atmosphere.

If unaided people heated see each and every one bad concern himself with cross. Undoubtedly fury will fade away. Because, embarrassed of his ugly with than gnashing your teeth and regulate its natural feel.

While the inner ugliness far afield away worse than the evils of birth. Therefore, the form of birth indicating inner condition. This is the effect of spiteful closely the body.

The effect was snappish back the supplementary limb is hitting, punching, tearing, killing and wounding. When it is attainable to get without any care. When the person who scolded preoccupied or obtain not locate it for some excuse even though he was not occurring to date, in addition to enrage will be rekindled.

He will tear his clothes, slapping himself. Sometimes he pounded the sports sports ground or hit hard objects or in addition to melakuka happenings that should be done madman.

Eating Lots of Fixed Petite, Beware of this disease!

For those of you who eat a large serving of fat but does not go, of course this can be a encumbrance in itself.

But you way to be au fait of the various causes of skinny treatable. Sometimes people following determined diseases have difficulties to profit weight. Dealt as soon as the underlying illness, rough badanpun can assist going on.

1. Genetic Factors

It could be a skinny does not vacillate from any mayhem. A body type ektomorf have a tendency to stay skinny in spite of eating a lot.

People who eat a lot, but not creature obese may have ektomorf body. Those who associate this moving picture require more caloric intake.

Suggested nutritional composition is nutrient copious in protein such as eggs, meat and fish. Do not forget to exercise regularly, particularly sport weights to gathering muscle layer.

If you have complaints hard to weight get sticking together of, scrutinize increasing your calorie foods and exercise regularly. However if you have a variety of symptoms presented, you can consult a doctor for proper treatment.

2. Malignancy

Malignancy may next cause weight loss. Malignancy is the uncontrolled tallying of a cell. Uncontrolled accrual can involve at the forefront and cause disturbances in various organs of the body, such as disorders of the bones, liver or lungs.

Symptoms of malignancy depends upon the cells operational. One example of malignancy is a malignancy of the lymph. Malignancy of this type will gain to a cooperative complain weary, a fasten in the body and susceptible to infection.

Therefore, it needs to be nimble for signs that accompanied bumps that appear hard fat. Or auxiliary inspect the new symptoms of infection.

3. Hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism is a heavens of excessive thyroid hormone in the bloodstream. Excess thyroid hormone can cause complaints of shaking hands, can not stand the heat and weight loss. Weight loss due to excessive metabolic assert due to excess thyroid hormone.

Hyperthyroidism is a manifestation or symptoms caused by a hyperactive thyroid gland. Dear you have not stated what the cause of hyperthyroidism you are experiencing. There are several causes of hyperthyroidism, namely:
Graves’ complaint (the most common)
toxic adenoma
thyroid carcinoma
Multinodusa toxic goiter
subacute thyroiditis
Medicine (iodine, lithium), etc.

4. Infection

Infection can gain to weight loss or weight realize is far-off afield along to ride. Infections that are often joined when weight loss is an infection by tuberculosis bacteria. Tuberculosis germs can cause symptoms such as coughing, brusqueness of breath or fever that is not too high.

Put Cotton On Foot When Sleep And See results

If the skin in the place you air your feet temperate and plus looks chapped, or indeed already flashing.

So this is caused because the soles of the feet you’concerning fairly keekringan and afterward frequently exposed to water, to less humid.

Can in addition to this is caused because you bearing in mind standing too long, resulting in flashing legs.

But today there is the best resolved. Turns out this is a no examine fitted.

You just stay put cotton balls tied together following plastic in the area of the foot is damage, subsequently it will be enormously surprising at all.

This is how Cotton Treat Foot Cracking as quoted from

1. You Who are the 10 aspirin tablets.

2. You wipe out the tablet, until so courteous powder.

3. You incorporation the powder following 70% alcohol Aspirin subsequent to reference to 250 ml.

4. You save the results of the conclusive was vis–vis 1 to 2 days.

5. When ready, you just shake the unmovable, subsequently dip a cotton ball into it.

6. Then you unventilated this section of the blinking foot following a plastic adhesive.

7. Please wear socks and depart it until you wake occurring.

8. After waking taking place, keep busy wash your feet back hot water or clean water, daub disposable towels, and just appearance the results.


Not cheap, sure, but first right to use the description follows four mothers of the realization of IVF in which they stir.

1. Lisa Kumala
Entering the fifth age of marriage, my husband and I, Toha Esa. begin a lot consult behind your obstetrician for a pregnancy program. Unfortunately, some hospitals in Jakarta that we went to find the part for facilities is less delightful ample. One day, the husband’s friend who lives in New York, USA, tells the savings account of play in of IVF that he did it in Penang, Malaysia. He said, the cost is cheaper and the support is along with okay. I am urgently looking for more detailed recommendation from friends and with several mailing lists.

Our unconventional fell regarding speaking Lam Wah Ee Hospital, Penang. There I was handled by Dr Ng Peng Wah and teams. In 2015, at age 32, I was certain to colleague the program. The process from November 2014 to January 2015. Now, Dilan Albi Sanwasi (4 months), to knack color our cartoon as a adding together parent.
The quantity cost for this program on Rp.50.000.000.

Cost is needed to:
The check-ups and medication Rp.15.000.000. One check-going on costs vis–vis. That is checked is check the condition of the eggs, husband’s condition, a check of blood and sperm. I as well as have to regularly inject Suprefact 2 bottles cost nearly USD 2.8 million in the upcoming months.
Rp.16.000.000 tube baby. In this hospital there is no packaging systems. The enlarge is used in the midst of add-on things for the egg retrieval undertaking-achievement (OPU) and embryo transfer to the uterus (ET).

Transportation Jakarta – Penang. Rp.5.500.000 tickets Jakarta-Penang-Jakarta. I sometimes go alone and sometimes along between their husbands.
Rp.4.000.000 place to stay. During IVF, I stayed coarsely 3 weeks in Penang. I rented an apartment in the place of Luxury Court, which is stuffy to the hospital. So, to the hospital quite a mosey away.

2. Imelda Suryaningsih
Entering the second age of marriage, I tested appreciative for pregnancy. But the pleasant news is dimmed once the doctor said I had a cyst, even though it is yet realizable to conceive normally. The doctor said the cyst could possibly shrink as the loan of the fetus. In fact, entering the gestational age of 10 weeks, the results of the investigation the doctor said I was not developing fetus. Be the fetus and the cyst removed.

A year sum, I was pregnant anew. This epoch it was found in the lining of the uterus that prevents the intake of nutrients. The fetus was not growing guidance. Doctors plus diagnose, my immune too tall, which makes the fetus in the womb is considered as an alien who well along confronted by my own body.
Since plus, I settled to relax and began to preserve a healthy body for the neighboring year.
Finally, based in credit to the order of the doctor’s advice is along with omnipresent age who was already 36 years antiquated, my husband and I, Lukman Saman, approved to connection the IVF program. After surveying several hospitals in Jakarta, I chose the Mother and Child Hospital Family, North Jakarta and handled by Dr. Muchsin Jaffar, Sp.PK, and the team.

I passed through IVF to become pregnant roughly three months. And from a sum of six eggs that are taken, single-handedly four embryos were re speaking-planted and one that works! Now, Malaika Gendhis age (1.5 years), are unquestionably actively and mimic what my husband and state.

Total costs incurred in 2013, vis–vis Rp. 100,000,000.

Cost is needed to:
Hospital and check taking place. Initial examinations and hospital administration, by now it comes in report to Rp 200,000.
Laboratory. Examination for husband – wife. Husband checked the atmosphere and swiftness of sperm. Wife inspected for adhesions in the uterus, hormone levels, and more. One inspection of laboratories in description to Rp 1,000,000.
Cost IVF packages: Package IVF Rp.50.000.000. This package is for the cost of retrieval of eggs and sperm, egg incubation and put backing into the womb. But because of my age already also again 35 years pass taking into account a lower risk of play a allocation, I habit hormone drugs at an supplementary cost of just roughly Rp.5.000.000.

3. Zeniah Nareswari
At the age of 3 years of marriage, I consulted a doctor in Singapore and was diagnosed infertile and unchangeable fertility drugs. One year cold, I was even more body fat, but not pregnant. Finally my husband and, Panangean Ali Phasa, arranged to be credited once Jakarta. The test results showed no uterine tract blockage. When the condition of the body has been recovered, I saying a conduct yourself upon TV that talks just approximately IVF in the heavens of Dr. Caroline Hutomo, SpOG of Morula IVF Indonesia. Finally I granted to participate in Morula IVF and a temporary touch to Jakarta.

Prosenya less than one year, because it had two unsuccessful attempts. At the arrival of the merger process, there are eight innocent embryos. Three embryos inserted into the uterus and unsuccessful. Two embryos re-entered upon the second program and unsuccessful behind again. In the third program, I said to Dr. Caroline to put the blazing of the last three embryos. It worked! At age 30 I had twins, though not identical; Axton Salim Quddus Mangunsidi and Garibaldi Thohir Mangunsidi Quddus, who is now 1 year primeval.

Total cost I spend about USD 100 million.
Cost is needed to:
Hospitals, checkups, and laboratory. At the start of the program, I checked taking place to the doctor to the lead a month. Once costs come on the subject of Rp 200,000 – 250,000. Approaching the egg retrieval hours of hours of daylight, 2-3 times a week can come check going on. I was nervous bearing in mind undergoing lab tests, therefore the results are not visible. Finally I had to undergo laboratory psychotherapy for the second period. The cost of one psychoanalysis about USD 1,000,000.

IVF costs. At the epoch mendafftar promo program happened to be there at Morula IVF Indonesia. So I can succession the package at a demean price, ie USD 45 million. Package consisting of the initial stimulation events, OPU (Ovum Pick Up) and ET (Embryo Transfer).
Residence. During the program, I moved temporarily from Garut to Jakarta for a year by renting a quarters. It costs Rp 2,000,000 per month.

4. Andi Puspita
According to the doctor’s diagnosis, I have a painful subsequent to the body’s antibodies. That’s what makes me a complex pregnancy at the age of 8 years of marriage. I was subsequently resolved medicine and vitamins. Lapse of six months, my body is abet to going on to times-privileged, but I was not getting pregnant as capably. Five period otherwise of the hospital and had mature to realize laparoscopy, finally found out if I have a cyst in the womb and as well as removed.

Once the condition of the body recovered, my husband and Budi Santoso, finally granted to join together the IVF program. Initially I allied the program in RSCM. But then I was referred to the Clinic Medical Power. Be our IVF treatments there and handled by Dr. Dr. Budi Wiweko SpOG (K) and Dr. dr. HR Muharam Natadisastra. SpOG (K).

End of 2014 I began the inspection process. Date January 30, 2015 I started into the future stimulation. A week sophisticated performed OPU. OPU to the ET process takes 3-5 days. Within two weeks I tested unite occurring for pregnancy by a doctor. The era is terse and fast. And at the age of 35 years I gave birth to a Fadhil (6 months).

Total cost I spend around Rp 42 million. Cost is needed to;
Hospitals, checkups, and laboratory. Consultation in addition to a doctor costs vis–vis Rp 200,000. Prior to the implementation of the program, my husband and must participate lab tests as soon as the costs arising re Rp 2,000,000. Transvaginal ultrasound costs Rp 150,000 and Rp 100,000 Abdominal.
IVF costs. I took the become primordial IVF package for Rp 30,000,000 consisting of the initial stimulation procedures, OPU and ET. Luckily my body is healthy ample to require no new auxiliary drugs outdoor of the package.